Eclipse RCP Hello World

For create our first RCP Project we need select from the main menu File -> New -> Other:


From the Plugin Development group select: Plug-in Project

Input the name of your project, for example:

com.pusku.moeandjava.helloworld and clic in Next, in the  next screen use the default options

Please select Yes in the option Would you like to create a rich client application? and press Next

In the next screen select the option Hello RCP and click in the Next button.

And finally mark the option Add branding, this is for customize our RCP application with icons and other resources,  now press Finish for create our initial project

When you press the Finish button eclipse shows this screen:

And for test our project use the scroll bar in the screen and go to Testing  section,

Select Launch an Eclipse application option, and the result is here:

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