1. Planning the process definition


In this days I received an email from my boss, she telling me that I should create an simple presentation about jBPM5 and your features, so I decided create this mini tutorial that show you how to create a simple process that invokes to Java services for read and save information on a database, well let's start, first you should install jBPM to learn how can you do it please see this article

 The process that we will create will be a reservation of scheduled visits in which a patient call to make an appointment, the system checks to availability and if any the system notifies a receptionist that should call to confirm attendance at the meeting and once that the patient goes to the doctor appointment, the doctor must insert the final comments. Now identify the actors:

 patient calls requesting an appointment

 call center staff: enter the information in the system

 system: availability check

 receptionist: call to confirm the appointment

 doctor: enter the observations


To achieve our purpose we will create a table in any database , I will use MySQL with the following structure:


patient_name        |             date    | confirmation     | observations


According to the definition of our process the patient's name and date of the appointment should fill the call center staff when the patient do the call, the confirmation is entered by the receptionist after the system has verified availability and patient has confirmed his desire to attend the meeting and the comments shall be filled by the doctor.

Now, the call center staff will have a form like this:
Name: _____________________________
date (dd-mm-yyyy): ___________________

The receptionist form:

Confirmation (yes/no) : _______________

And the form's doctor:

Observations: _________________________


The database table does not have the best structure  but for our exercise this ok, because they allow us to fulfill our purpose, in the next article we will use Eclipse IDE to design our bpm process ... see you soon


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